Getting stuck without an ice scraper isn’t great, but not a disaster

August 4th, 2021 by

Is it ok to use a credit card to scrape ice off my car?

As we close in on Thanksgiving, it is important to prepare for the next big date on the calendar — the first day of Winter. The next season coming our way means having to deal with snow and ice, despite many people having a deep desire to not have to do that. If you’re like any of several people working at Compass Mazda (who shall remain nameless), you may have found yourself with iced-over car windows and no scraper in the vehicle. If you’re wondering, ‘Is it ok to use a credit card to scrape ice off my car,’ the answer is, yes. However, you should also know that it is probably going to destroy the credit card. Here are some other ways you can remove ice from your windows without using a traditional ice scraper.
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What can I use to get ice off my car windows?

Use Your Plastic — In a pinch, a credit card can make a great impromptu ice scraper. Although as we said above, it will probably wreck the card. Instead, some people on our team like to hold on to hotel room key cards for this purpose. They have the same great qualities as a credit card, stiff but pliable plastic, while also being disposable. If you have a card in your wallet or purse that is basically just laminated plastic, you might be in for some tough sledding.

Flip it around — Another interesting way to get ice off your windshield is to go into your kitchen drawer and grab the spatula. We recommend using a plastic one since a metal spatula runs the risk of putting deep scratches in the glass. Spatulas also offer a wider scraping area than plastic cards and they are easier to use while wearing gloves.

Prevention is better — There isn’t much we can do about being caught in a surprise snowstorm. It’s just a thing that happens. But if you regularly park your car outside, you can purchase windshield screens that will prevent snow and ice from sticking to the car. These screens are great because you can just pull them off the car, shake off the snow and get on your way.

If you have any questions about how to best take care of your vehicle, make an appointment with a Compass Mazda product expert today.

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