When Do I Need to Change the Brake Pads on My Mazda?

August 4th, 2021 by

When to Change Brake Pads on 2017 Mazda Models

Due to our proximity to the large cities on the East Coast, we are pretty familiar with heavy traffic. We try to make the best of this annoyance by investing in vehicles that are fuel efficient and are able to swiftly move into the next lane. Any model from the 2017 Mazda lineup perfectly fits the bill thanks to its sharp styling and standard SKYACTIVⓇ technology. However, there is one component that truly makes your Mazda perform extremely well in heavy traffic: its high-quality brake pads. Those brake pads help your Mazda stop at a moment’s notice, no matter if it is when you are approaching a red light or when some jerk cuts you off during your morning commute. After a while, those brake pads will wear down and you will need to change them in order to continue enjoying top-notch performance.
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How Often Do Brake Pads Need to Be Changed on 2017 Mazda Vehicles?
On average, most brake pads will last about 50,000 miles. However, this can vary due to your personal driving habits and what you regularly encounter while on the road. If your daily commute involves a lot of traffic lights, or if you are constantly stomping on the brakes, your brake pads may only last about 25,000 miles.

Symptoms of worn brake pads include:

  • Grinding, scraping, or squealing noises when applying the brakes
  • It takes longer than normal to come to a complete stop
  • Vehicle vibration when brakes are applied (may be a sign of warped brake rotors)

When Should My Brakes Be Inspected?

The best time to have your brakes inspected is whenever you have your Mazda’s oil changed and when the tires are rotated. The service department here at Compass Mazda will be more than happy to help you with inspections and replacements, so please contact us and schedule a service appointment today!

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